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TIC AUTOMOTIVE takers in 1956. LTD.ŞTI. Engaged in the production of Mercedes-Benz genuine parts in Ankara journey as a small business started.
Reorganization carried out in 1992 in order to achieve a greater universal lathe First ride of 1 1 1 drill lathe milling machines Ikitelli district of Istanbul started with. 
 In order to increase the production potential in 1997 to respond to the demands 1pcs In Stock New (Reading LB25) CNC lathe, 1 (Reading MC500), 1 universal lathe machine, milling machine 1 and 1 drill his counter by adding our factory production continued in Istanbul, Istanbul . 
 In 1999, the global automotive San.Ve Trade Co.. around the world to accept the quality of OEM parts, including a Turkish brand and under the Mercedes-Benz, MAN, FM, Chrysler, ZF Trading Sachs, which includes brands such as Valeo and LUK WEGER brand which exports to 36 countries worldwide international sales and marketing company established.
New investments in 2011, our company became a factory with a high-tech devices. First hotline 12 new high-tech CNC lathes and CNC machining center attending casting capacity of 500 tons per month.
2012 4 Vertical CNC lathe, 4 machining center, participate in the second part of the brake disc production line balancing machine. It also accelerated the transition of robotic automation system.
Today, Turkey is one of the elders of the automotive industry, the world's major heavy vehicles entering the global automotive, commercial vehicle and passenger cars provide replacement parts.

• Products offer the service of the automotive sector,
• Production and sale of brand quality değerimizle created,
• increasing day by day and meet the demands of the domestic and foreign markets, and the pride of his desire to work,
• Responsible, self-conscious and high level of professionalism our staff idealistic and realistic at the same time,
To be active in the Turkish economy and international reputable provider.




• production with today's technology,
• Product reference varieties,
• The original product quality,
• offering a brand value of continuity of service,
• WEGER the world market with our brand in the automotive industry to take our place among the giants.